Does the word “fit” make you think of rail-thin women jogging in yoga pants? Or men with all muscles (and no neck) downing protein shakes? Let Tha Compound Movement eff up your ideas around health while sharing some laughs with some cool people. We hope to challenge the stereotype of what fitness looks like in order to empower people to live their best life.

Founded by Shanelle Gabriel (Personal Trainer, Poet, Singer) and co-hosted by A.D. Skolar (Personal Training Manager, Comedian, Emcee), this podcast that explores multiple health & lifestyle topics through entertaining guests & medical experts, light-hearted but engaging discussions, shared research, and more. We also be hosting special events, offering health tips on social media, and sharing anything that can help get us all thinking about our mind, body, and soul.

In the fitness world, a compound movement is defined as “an exercise that works multiple joints at once for maximal muscle recruitment, high nervous system activation, and a stimulus for growth.”

Likewise, the mission of Tha Compound Movement is to encourage others to maximize their quality of life, activate their own health journey, and stimulate growth in the number of people who are working to battle the rise of preventable illnesses, especially for people of color. 

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Sometimes, I just have to pop my own collar, and that’s okay! We need to be a lil more vain...a lil more Kanye... a lil more thick-skinned and self-reliant. Everyone isn’t able to pat you on the back, so you have to make sure you aren’t doing things for people, you’re doing this for YOU! These moves you’re making should not be to get love and support because people’s attitudes and ideas of what’s normal/important change like the climate. Do it because it brings you joy both in the long and short term, because it’s your passion, and because it’s your personal goal that you’ve set. And when you reach small milestones, look in the mirror and say “Yep, I did that shit.” 

Damn GMOs, this and that being inflammatory, pesticides, food industrial complex, big pharmaceutical conspiracy theories, evil carbs coming to get you stories, and chicken lives matter movements been making a sista have to question what’s in every meal!!!  Forget these fad diets. Make sure you’re choosing a diet that’s sustainable (meaning you can realistically stick to it), nutrient-based (allows your body to get everything it needs to function and grow, especially if you go hard in the gym), and you clear it with your doctor (so if, God forbid, you fall out, they know why.) Beware of meal plans from people that are NOT nutritionists. Personal Trainers without a Nutrition certification/degree can RECOMMEND dietary changes but should NOT give full meal plans. #facts