Starting Something Productions, Inc.

Starting Something Productions, Inc is a dynamic artistic and educational consulting company with over 10 years of experience working with artists, educators, and community organizations to begin or revamp their passion in a more effective and detailed way. While Starting Something Productions, Inc was originally founded to be just a publishing company for her music, Shanelle Gabriel (President/CEO) saw the potential for SSP to be more. "The company name came from the title of my first album "Start Something" which spoke about about wanting to be the cause of change and writing the world back in place. Through the umbrella of SSP, I wish to create more opportunities to make an impact on my community and abroad."

For schools and youth organizations, SSP has experience creating and evaluating curriculum, leading workshops on integrating the arts into the classroom, as well as developing practices that are both culturally responsive and engaging. Shanelle has served as a consultant for both Middle and High Schools across NYC, helped others found their own mentoring programs and has led professional development workshops on building classroom community, increasing engagement with reading, as well as evaluating/developing culturally responsive curriculum for both the classroom and the wider community. SSP can guide you on founding a new or improving a present youth-targeted program, including consulting on recruitment, retention, raising engagement, increasing social media presence, and ways to truly impact the lives of the community you serve.

For artists, through the evaluation and creation of EPKs, targeted websites, and art direction, we help putting your best foot forward to the world. Having worked with places such as Island/Def Jam Recordings, Columbia University”s June Jordan Program, The Climate Museum, and more, and with years of consulting for nationally touring artists, SSP can help you gain access to many resources and gives personalized instruction on how to best engage your audience.

Through the creative arts and poignant workshops, we promote and evaluate programs that focus on:
- Literacy education
- Social Justice
- Self-expression & empowerment
- Culturally Responsive Education Practices
- Inclusion
- Optimal health

From leading workshops on hip-hop pedagogy, to creating new ways to forge relationships with youth, to speaking on living with Lupus, to improving an artist’s performance ability, Starting Something Productions, Inc is working to give life and light to those seeking to make an impact on our world, whether through their art or through leading the next generation. For more information about SSP's consulting services, email Shanelle at info@shanellegabriel.com.