Thoughts on criticism and self-doubt... by Shanelle Gabriel

Don't write for the expectations of others... people are never satisfied. Just work on being the most authentic YOU through your art that you are, and those that need to be blessed by it will be. I've been there, read a poem I wrote & was proud of to someone and gotten a blank stare back, compared myself to others only to feel inadequate and stuck, heard 'oohs' and 'ahhs' for others and gotten golf claps after my performance. I've thought about giving up...It wasn't until I realized some of the most amazingly talented people I know had to fight the same battle within themselves that I realized that criticism (both self and to criticize others) is human nature. It's a gift to recognize constructive versus destructive criticism when it rears its head. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have something beautiful to offer the world... Frank Ocean, Maroon 5, Walt Disney, Stephen King, Emily Dickinson, Beethoven, etc: all people who's work resounds with so many but were told they weren't good enough and/or rejected. You have a voice that will resound within someone. Focus on that. Continue growing and learning more on how to best manifest you through your creativity.