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PT Diaries...Entry #6: My Nosy, Happy Moment on the Train by Shanelle Gabriel

I need a lil extra dose of Jesus on some occasions...and it seems lately, public transportation has caused me to need a gospel prescription. (This blog is completely random, I warn you, but then again, aren't blogs for venting?)

These are the PT (Public Transportation) Diaries:

I'm sitting on the 7 train heading to Queens. The car is pretty empty (I mean, who actually GOES to Queens nowadays? j/k ) While studying my poems for this project I have at Lincoln Center, I couldn't help notice a couple gushing over an accordion of photos.

I'm a New Yorker, and I'm a female. I'm predisposed to being nosy, so I look over to see what could be worth the cheese smiles and giggles. The woman moves her long black hair over her shoulder only for it to fall again at the edge of the photo. The Indian guy holds her around her shoulders with one hand and the other holds the end of the link of photos. I realize they are pointing at a row of black and white photos from an ultrasound. I smile with them at their beautiful moment. He kisses her on her cheek, and she giggles. As she leans her head on his shoulder, I lean mine on the back of my seat. I say a prayer of blessings on them, push the envy to the back of my cluttered mind, and thank her for the joyful addition to the world and my diary.