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Recap: 3/22 Show at The Cutting Room NYC by Shanelle Gabriel


It was a great time this past weekend at The Cutting Room NYC! I had such a blast performing with such an amazing band: Shoutout to Nate Jones on bass, Walt on guitar, Divine on Keys, Kamaala for always being the dopest background singer a gal could ask for.

While I did mostly songs and poems from my album, AIM HIGH, the biggest treat in my opinion was closing the show with Pharrell's "Happy." People were on their feet jamming and clapping and singing along. It was simply great having so many people there showing love!

Here are some pictures:


Markita & Giselle- my support sisters since Utica College days

My crew that I grew up with at Lighthouse SDA Church

PHOTOS: My Album Release Party on Wed, May 15th in NYC by Shanelle Gabriel

If you missed it, you missed a lot! On Wednesday, May 15th at Negril Village Lounge, a gathering of people came out to celebrate the release of my new album AIM HIGH. I was not able to get photos with some of the awesome people there like my friend & amazing emcee Homeboy Sandman (aka Angel!!!), my mentor and A&R for the album Steven "PeeJay" Whitaker, my sister Suzanne, Alonzo Davis from, and more great people who showed love. Thank you to everyone that supported the album, who spread the word, who asked me "Yoooo when does the new album come out" over and over, and to all those who weren't able to make it (or didn't even hear about the event), I thank you for caring and always showing love. 

PLEASE cop the album if you already haven't and spread the word!

People were able to get AIM HIGH CDs signed, hear me perform, and listen to a few tracks from the album!


 DJ Commish and DJ Jon Quick, the two who made the night possible and who kept the tunes spinning and the people dancing all night long!



 Playing a few tracks off the album...


Singing "Aim High"... See the passion????!!



My cousin Kieuna and my stylist, Quanasia! 


Me and my daddy! (He brought me flowers!)



L.I.V.EWire (who performs with me later and KILLS it on the Aim High Remix) & the amazing vocalist and beautiful person, Cocoa Sarai.



My girls here: Aura, Tiffany, and Jessica holding me down! 



Some of my favorite fellas: Dela, Sean, and Kameron



The brotha with the soulful voice, Bradd Marquis, who stopped through RIGHT before his show at S.O.B.'s. That's love!



Skee-Wee, my Soror! Model and actress Krystal Garner showed love. Skee- Roo to DJ Jon Quick!



Thanks for the love & support PR Pro and beautiful lady, Keisha McCotry


East New York neighbor, Radio Personality, and DJ OhSoKool all smiles!

Enough talking... Let's figure out HOW to combat rape culture by Shanelle Gabriel

"I swear, every woman I meet, date, even talk to has been raped at some point in her life. Uncles, ex-boyfriends, classmates, the list goes on. It's gotten to the point where I meet a woman and expect her to tell me that eventually. It's too common...There's a problem in our world, a serious problem." - A male friend

I didn't need him to confirm that for me. Nor did I need to hear about Rick Ross' lyrics, Stubenville students or Rehtaeh Parsons' suicide to know that this is an issue that has stayed underground and needs to see the light of day. Rape, its definitions, its physical as well as its marginalized presence in common conversations and language is seeming on the forefront of our newpapers and blog sites. We've commented, criticized, critiqued, and cried over the varying views on the subject. I will never tire of speaking up against those that believe "women put themselves in situations to be raped," that "it's just a rap song," that "she was probably just a slut," and I will speak against those that don't take a woman's voice serious enough to guard her by all means once she speaks up. That last one especially resounds through the many reports of rape in the military where victims who speak up are punished for doing so or end up being discharged. An overwelming number of women live with their secret for fear of not being believed or of future stigmatism, so protection should be first priority for anyone brave enough to share the story of their hurt in hopes to save others from future pain.

However, I also believe in action. Here are some ways to help make a change in our communities and our world by Alexandria from

"Organize your neighborhood or school against rape culture: run consent education workshops and recruit participants to pledge their stance against violence. March, demonstrate, to publicly prove to all that those who inflict violence on others will not be supported or included by your community. Every time a publication runs a piece promoting rape culture, write a letter in response. Reject slut-shaming and victim-blaming of all forms. Loudly. Model respect for others’ bodily autonomy and stand up for your own in everyday situations to promote a culture of consent. Intervene if you see a dangerous situation developing, and teach others to do the same. Combat the transmission of rape culture from one generation to the next: teach kids to be better than we are. Don’t invite rapists to your parties (I can’t believe I even have to say that, but I do). Make sure survivors in your area have somewhere to turn for justice and support, and to stop their rapists from re-offending. If this resource doesn’t exist, create it. Refuse to tolerate speech that promotes rape; speak up even–no, especially–when to do so would be rude. Listen to a survivor when no one else will."

My spotlight on the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Website by Shanelle Gabriel

So thankful to be mentioned on the world famous Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)'s blogsite. I, along with the awesome Jive Poetic, are listed as Mahogany L Browne (poet, teaching artist, and curator for the Nuyorican Poets Cafe)'s favorite Brooklyn poets.


BAM 150 Guest Post: Brooklyn Poetry Picks by Mahogany L. Browne

I have the dream job. I write poems for a living. I work with poets every week. I eat, sleep, watch, dream, and digest poetry. In the mornings, I sit at the intimate Australian-owned coffee shop near the Brooklyn Museum, or the woman-owned global soul food café on Underhill near the Brooklyn Central library, and read poetry for hours. Whether online, in books, or via YouTube, I feast on figurative language for daily inspiration. My research of poetry—specifically contemporary poets—arms me as a curator and teaching artist in New York City. It allows me an accessible artillery when introducing poetry to New York City’s Public School system. As a BAM teaching artist, I recognize the necessity of acknowledging all of poetry’s nuances, and take the research of Brooklyn’s own treasures seriously. Here are a couple of my favorite Brooklyn poets! 

Shanelle Gabriel, a native of Brooklyn, is my go-to poet when facilitating lectures on the necessity of humor and poetry. The Flatbush resident is a singer and actress, mainly writing in free verse. Her topics range from gender roles to rites of passage and lupus awareness. She is a crowd favorite with her sultry vibrato and is an active advocate for youth mentorship.  





UPCOMING SHOW: NYC-> "Brooklyn for Barack" on Oct 6th @ 4pm by Shanelle Gabriel

“BROOKLYN FOR BARACK” Move "FORWARD" Young Voters Registration Concert The purpose is to encourage the youth not only register but to GO and vote November 8 for the 2012 Presidential Election. ADMISSION: REGISTER TO VOTE AT DOOR AND/OR BRING SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO REGISTER 18 AND OVER!!!!!
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My Impromptu Snippet of "Before You Walk Out My Life" by Monica by Shanelle Gabriel

Live at Highline Ballroom. This was TOTALLY unplanned. My keyboardist started playing it and someone in the crowd recognized it. I decided to sing just the first verse and continue with the rest of the show, but the audience seemed to want a lil more...So I gave em a bit more. lol

New Poem: More by Shanelle Gabriel

My heart hurts for you
Since yours is too numb to feel anymore
As I watch him steal your joy
Both in his presence and when he's gone
I thought u were stronger than that
I see you for who you could be
A single mom
No, a mother who knows daughters tend to follow maternal example
A mother who neglects her desire for comfort zone men
Guys who sit on shelves like teddy bears
For no other reason than they've always been there 
Even though they've long been outgrown
I saw you as a mother who'd spend many a lonely night
Just to show her child what sacrifice was like
Show her that a no good man, 
Is no good, man.
Just because he makes you weak in the knees
Doesn't mean you can't take a stand
I don't understand what you see in him
Or maybe it's what you don't see in yourself
What makes you believe that u don't deserve happiness
You're more beautiful than your situation
You're a snowflake on a summer rose
Rare, delicate, but fading fast
Clinging to something that wasn't meant to last
Your child may be perfect with both your DNA
But you two will always clash
The man laughs at your dreams
Takes pride in your pain
But you stay with him so he continues to do it again and again
Cause for him,
Rejecting you keeps you at bay
And no matter what you say
You're addicted to insults
And used to taking in strays
I pray you see the err of your ways
And that in the novel of you
This will be a ripped-out page
Not to be told retold/ or ever replayed
I wish I could make you hate him like I do
He's laid up with other chicks
Don't you taste her lip gloss on his lips?
He's got your soul in a choke hold
Stop questioning what you did for him to treat you this way
Question what the heck made you stay
And throw so many years of your life away
Pulling tears from your eyes
While Donnell Jones cries in the background
You're too good for that
Too fly to go back
So from this day on vow to move forward
Cause this is worst than a blow to your face
He's given your soul a smack
Left permanent imprints on the color of your eyes
Torn apart the love letter you gave him between your thighs
Nothing you say can change him
Cause leopards don't change their spots
Why would they want to
When it's gotten them thru life all these years
My sister, use a mirror to count your tears, 
Each one from a different fear
Be sick of the way they taste on your lips
Vow never to let someone making you cry a habit
Know that true love stories are still non-fiction
It will find you once you let the fictional love leave you
My prediction
Is that someone will see you
Someone will see YOU
And appreciate you 
Your sincerity, 
Your resilience is beautiful
The features you hate on yourself are perfection
Madame Recarnier
You don't see your own masterpiece
I pray that you'll see that when he leaves 
He won't take away pieces of you
But he'll leave a certain peace within you
You'll see that in overcoming him
You'll find the power that I know you have within

Copyright © 2011 Shanelle Gabriel 

Please do not reprint or repost without my permission

Live Performance of "Best I Ever..." at Webster Hall, NYC by Shanelle Gabriel

"I do a bit of everything and all I ever wanted/ is to do it real big, bigger than they've ever done it./ Put y'all on to new stuff. One day, y'all gon' thank me for it./ I'ma last forever, I put blood & sweat & tears on it./ Cause I hold it down every time I hit a note./ And when I write, it's like my soul is in the middle of it./ I bless the mic and you gotta give it up/ so you say the same thing every single time...You say, "Nellie you da best, best I ever heard."
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New Video by HeeSun Lee (feat. Shanelle Gabriel)- "Open Your Eyes" by Shanelle Gabriel

Check out my homegirl, HeeSun Lee's latest Music Video off her debut album "Re:Defined."

"OPEN YOUR EYES" featuring (yours truly) Shanelle Gabriel

(Yes that's me sanging!!)

Open Your Eyes (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) by HeeSun Lee feat. Shanelle Gabriel from JahRock'n Productions on Vimeo.

Directed by: Andy SangWon Jung (Idle Wheel Production)
Video Production: Sung-Jun Heo and Robert hwang (JaeWoo Park)
Beat Production: DJX-Ray (JahRock'n Productions)
Vocal Production: Chris "Rock" Belmont