Searching for the Prototype... (Blog Repost) by Shanelle Gabriel

Summer is here, and summer love is in the air. The beginning stages of something new is always beautiful. I'm absolutely addicted to Andre 3000's "Prototype," because it speaks on this and has such a smooth vibe to it.

"I hope that you're the one....If not, you are the prototype. We'll tiptoe to the sun, and do thangs, I know you'd like. I think I'm in looooove again." -"Prototype"- Andre 3000 from "The Love Below"

Let's all think back to the days when you first met that special someone, whether they are still present in your life or they've gone on with theirs. It's those moments walking holding hands through a park, laughing at randomness on the phone, the moments where you both realized that you felt the same way about each other- these moments make us want to fall in love again and again, even when we know that love doesn't always work out.

Many people close their hearts to the new experience, faulting past hurts and blaming previous relationships for the bitterness and skepticism they hold like concrete around their hearts. But by not realizing that people come into your life for a reason and a season and by focusing on WHAT WENT WRONG, they miss out on the times to smile at and new possibilities of smiling. Maybe he or she wasn't or isn't the one, but they could very well be the prototype of the one to come:

Pro·to·type 1 : an original model on which something is patterned.

This new prospect may just be "The One"...or they can lead you to the person you are meant to be with. They can show you the true you as well as give you an idea of what qualities you would want in"The One." This doesn't only relate to romantic relationships but friendships as well. Be open to new loves and people to love. It's okay to fall in love a few times; third, fourth, or eighth time is a charm. The risk is well worth it. Enjoy love in the here and now, and remember to say "stank you smelly much" to the person standing right in front of you now who's waiting to see if they could be that special friend to you.


Yes the video is creepy, but listen to tha MUSICCCCC!