New Poem: "My Love Feeds on Your Love" by Shanelle Gabriel

A poem from my show "Slam 103: Historical Remix" for the Lincoln Center Meet the Artist Series

Inspired by Pablo Neruda's "If You Forget Me"

"My love feeds on your love, beloved,

and as long as you live

it will be in your arms

without leaving mine. "



I can't lie...

It's true...

I've got a BIG appetite

I crave random things all the time

On any given night peanut butter and jelly is what I crave

These days guacamole is all the rage

I’m always hungry

My belly a bottomless pit

My mom swore I had a tapeworm

I tried to explain it

Was just something I was born with

I'm always hungry


For love and attention

Thirsty for true affection

From loved ones and strangers

My love feeds on your love

Wishing I didn't have this constant

Gnawing at my being

Wishing I could be one of those people

Who don't need people

Seem to be so full of themselves that they're always full with themselves

No room for anyone else

But I know the truth

No matter how hard they try to deny,

The craving strikes

See we were created to love

To love love

Not to live on bread and water alone

But on living connection

We need friendship like oxygen

In a world where to feed on

The need for engagement with humanity is called weak

A world where to expect people to fuel your life with love

is considered vanity

To admit you just want to be wrapped in someone's arms

held tight and told everything will be alright

Is not low self-esteem

It's a part of our being

My love feeds on your love

And your love on mine

Our happiness hangs on how much good we can give to others

How many prayers we can answer for the Divine

My love feeds on your love

So learn to savor the way kind words

Tastes on your lips

As long as you live

Let morsels of hate roll off your plate

Don't be afraid to open your table

To put your heart in someone's arms

Cause no matter how hungry you might be

Someone else out there is starved

We all feel awkward

Get lonely

Think no one understands

The pain we feel

Hurt people tend to hurt people

But through healing others

Our own hearts can heal

And the world may run out of guacamole

Peanut butter and jelly

But I can say with certainty

The passion in your pot

Will never run empty

May the spoon of your tongue

Always ready to serve words

To be heard by someone

Who needs a lil somethin somethin

To get them through

A bad day and a tough time

Tell them

My heart, my soul, my love

It will be yours, in your arms

without ever leaving mine.

Podcast of My Interview on "In Sickness & In Health- Dating Someone With a Chronic Illness" on The Naked Radio Show by Shanelle Gabriel

In this podcast, we explore how far someone will go for love when their partner gets sick or is dealing with a serious medical condition. Singer/poet/actress Shanelle Gabriel steps into the hot seat to share her struggles with lupus and how the disease has not only impacted her health but her dating life since being diagnosed.
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New Poem/Song? "Heart Speaks" by Shanelle Gabriel

I wrote most of this a while back, but my heart told me to revise it. Here you go.



When the sun isn't shining
It's hard for raindrops to turn into rainbows
When life is out of place it's hard to find
Where the silver lining goes

When it's silent around you
It's hard to turn a deaf ear
To the loneliness whispering that
No one around you cares

When you bend to much for everyone
You tend to break
When you're too cautious
It's so easy to make a fatal mistake
When you think it's all figured out
You'll find a piece is missing
When you get everything you want
You still can't stop wishing

So when is it enough
When will it be enough
To settle down?
I'm looking for the missing part of me
Trying my best to do what's best for me
Will I ever be complete?
I'm waiting to hear my heart speak.

I'm sending my prayers up
Praying for an answer to come down
Preaching to the lost
When I'm the one who needs to be found

Doubting my intuition
Even though it's always right
Holding myself back
When I know I'm meant to reach great heights.

How am I trying to change the world
When I need to change myself
Want to do this on my own
Yet I know I need help
But it seems easier to rely only on self
Cause you've been let down so much by everyone else

But no one reached great heights
Without standing on some shoulders
I've climbed some mountains in my life
But I'm struggling with boulders
One day it'll all make sense
I guess when I'm much older
But for now I'm fighting
To keep my heart from growing colder

So when is it enough
When will it be enough
To settle down?
I'm looking for the missing part of me
Trying my best to do what's best for me
Will I ever be complete?
I'm waiting to hear my heart speak.

I can hear it talking to me
Talking to me
I hear it saying "listen to me, listen to me"
I hear it saying "trust me, trust me"
It's telling me to believe in me, believe in me.

Now I've had enough
It is enough
Time to settle down
I've found the missing part of me
I'm gonna be the best me I can be
In myself I can be complete
But it's okay to need company.
The hurt, I can set free.
My past is what made me.
I recognize when my heart speaks.

I listen when my heart speaks
I act when my heart speaks
When God speaks to me my heart speaks.

Copyright © 2009 Shanelle Gabriel
Do not reproduce without Shanelle Gabriel's permission. Thanks!