live performance

Come to My Live Performance in NYC Valentine's Day Eve! by Shanelle Gabriel

Scholarich is partnering with The Source Magazine to host a great Valentine's Day themed charity event, February 13th, at Santos Party House (Upstairs). I'm performing!!! This event serve as fundraising for the community endeavors of Scholarich Foundation that implement programs that engage and support the urban youth in their academics. So lets spread love and get great people out to celebrate!
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Live Performance of "Best I Ever..." at Webster Hall, NYC by Shanelle Gabriel

"I do a bit of everything and all I ever wanted/ is to do it real big, bigger than they've ever done it./ Put y'all on to new stuff. One day, y'all gon' thank me for it./ I'ma last forever, I put blood & sweat & tears on it./ Cause I hold it down every time I hit a note./ And when I write, it's like my soul is in the middle of it./ I bless the mic and you gotta give it up/ so you say the same thing every single time...You say, "Nellie you da best, best I ever heard."
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