karrine stephans

Superhead Movie: "Kiss and Tail- The Hollywood Jumpoff" by Shanelle Gabriel

I'm actually interested in seeing this movie. Not for obvious reasons, but as a female in the entertainment industry, I am confronted with what some men consider "opportunities to get ahead," and I'm curious to know how a woman could utilize that to further her career.

I remember speaking to a well-known producer in the biz about how a certain R&B artist was known for sleeping her way to the top. I said, "That's terrible, and to me, it's an insult to my craft if I have to use sex to get ahead. My talent and personality should be enough." His response was, "Sis, you do what you have to do. I'm not saying I get down like that, but the way I see it, most women are gonna give it up to some broke dude in the hood that they happen to be dating or some cat that will only be in your life for 3 months. At least make who you have sex with count."

He was dead serious.

Makes sense? I guess. But for someone like me who WON'T give it up to some dude in the hood or some cat in my life for two seconds, this wouldn't apply to me. While many people know me for poetry, understand that I focused on my singing career way before Def Poetry Jam. I used to be the only female in all these studios, at the rap showcases, and with all these guys around. It took a while for me not to be surprised when guys who wanted me to sing a hook on a track switched it up to trying to get down. Once a guy introduced me to Sizzla as "Shanelle, she sings...oh and she's legal. *wink*"

I wish that things weren't that way, and that females can get a head not because they give it. The ones that do make it hard for the ladies like myself who are insulted when someone looks past their talent and sees them as just another chick to screw. Fellas, come on. At least let us RECORD something THEN talk about you and I. lol.

One thing that Karrine said that I agree with is that, "You can only sleep your way to the bottom." While a select few have made it pretty far, understand that if sex got you there, the moment someone new comes along who offers the same thing, you're gone. I don't know if that message will come across in this movie, but from what I know, Karrine Stephans a.k.a. SuperHead learned that the hard way.