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Upcoming show: Aloft Brooklyn - August 15th @ 7pm by Shanelle Gabriel


Come see Shanelle Gabriel (Singer/ HBO Def Poet/ Lyricist) rock the Aloft Hotel Concert Series!

(Directed by Gartharie D Broadie)

Be there as she performs songs from her new album, AIM HIGH, with a live band at this luxury location & awesome series in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, minutes away from the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges. Shanelle will have copies of her albums available for purchase and signing. 

Date: August 15th, 2013

Time: 7pm SHARP

Place: Aloft Hotel (228 Duffield Street bet. Fulton & Willoughby, Brooklyn NY 11201)



Public Transportation: All major subway lines. 2, 3, 4, or 5  train to Nevins Street Station. B, Q, or R train to DeKalb Avenue Station.  A, C, or G train to Hoyt Schermerhorn Street Station. LIRR to Flatbush Avenue (a bit further down). 

Driving: From the Manhattan Bridge, continue on Flatbush Extension for about two blocks. Make a right on Willoughby, then a left on Duffield. It will be on your right.


January Updates! [Midwest tour, new album, new video] by Shanelle Gabriel

 Behold all things are made new..

January is all about planning for February and beyond. Glad to get back on task after the insanity of the last few months. Thank you for all the prayers, condolences, and positive energy many of you sent regarding the loss of my mother and brother-in-law. I appreciate all of you and thank you for your love & support. MUAH!

Alright now, shout out to my new assistant, Lyday Patterson, who will be working to help me make an impact both as an artist and as a company, Starting Something Productions, Inc. Big tings a gwan! And February is a BUSY month. I'll be in Texas for the latter half of the month with a stop in Seattle, but next week, I hit the road next week for a mini-tour in the midwest:

2/5- University of Central Missouri
2/6- Avila University
2/7- University of Missouri- St Louis

For a complete list of dates, go to my Calendar. Hope to see you soon!
And if you want to book me, drop me a line at info@shanellegabriel.com.


Aim High: The Album 

I've been in the JahRock'n Productions studio ALL week getting this new album wrapped. AIM HIGH is going to be an AMAZING project. The next few months are going to be intense, but I'm really looking forward to sharing my stories, my poetry, my music, my lyrics with you. This album features some dope friends of mine: Kel Spencer, Livewire, Heesun Lee, and GreyMatter, all dope artists that rep NYC as well as the awesome Willie Hyn who's holds it down in Atlanta and a cameo from YouTube star/ comedian/ poet SpokenReasons. Production by Chris "Theory" Bradley, DJ Static, Marshall "Soulful" Jones, and Team JahRock'n. I can't wait to let you all hear it!


Video: "Daddy's Girls" (Live from Urban Grind in Atlanta)

Here's a poem I created for my father. I'm a bonafied Daddy's Girl, and proud of it. Thought I'd share my first off-book live performance I did at ATL's Urban Grind last month.
To see it CLICK HERE-> http://youtu.be/XzBzzCi7Qbo


Till next time,
Stay Blessed!!

Shanelle Gabriel


Free Download/ Listen to My Version of Drake's "Best I Ever Had" by Shanelle Gabriel

Check out my new track. It's a remake of Drake's "Best I Ever Had." I'm trying to make you all replace his version with mine! Free download at http://shanellegabriel.bandcamp.com/

&ampamp;amp;amp;lt;a href="http://shanellegabriel.bandcamp.com/track/best-i-ever-remix"&ampamp;amp;amp;gt;Best I Ever... (Remix) by Shanelle Gabriel&ampamp;amp;amp;lt;/a&ampamp;amp;amp;gt;


I do a bit of everything
And all I ever wanted
Is to do it real big
Bigger than they've ever done it
Put y'all on to new stuff
One day y'all gon' thank me for it
I'ma last forever I put blood and sweat and tears on it

Cause I hold it down
Every time I hit a note
And when I write, it's like my soul was in the middle of it
I bless the mic and ya gotta give it up
So you say the same thing every single time

You say, "Nell-E, you the best"
"Nell-E, you the best"
"Nell-E, you the best"
"Nell-E, you the best"
"Best I ever heard"
"Best I ever heard"
"Best I ever heard"
"Best I ever heard"

Superhead Movie: "Kiss and Tail- The Hollywood Jumpoff" by Shanelle Gabriel

I'm actually interested in seeing this movie. Not for obvious reasons, but as a female in the entertainment industry, I am confronted with what some men consider "opportunities to get ahead," and I'm curious to know how a woman could utilize that to further her career.

I remember speaking to a well-known producer in the biz about how a certain R&B artist was known for sleeping her way to the top. I said, "That's terrible, and to me, it's an insult to my craft if I have to use sex to get ahead. My talent and personality should be enough." His response was, "Sis, you do what you have to do. I'm not saying I get down like that, but the way I see it, most women are gonna give it up to some broke dude in the hood that they happen to be dating or some cat that will only be in your life for 3 months. At least make who you have sex with count."

He was dead serious.

Makes sense? I guess. But for someone like me who WON'T give it up to some dude in the hood or some cat in my life for two seconds, this wouldn't apply to me. While many people know me for poetry, understand that I focused on my singing career way before Def Poetry Jam. I used to be the only female in all these studios, at the rap showcases, and with all these guys around. It took a while for me not to be surprised when guys who wanted me to sing a hook on a track switched it up to trying to get down. Once a guy introduced me to Sizzla as "Shanelle, she sings...oh and she's legal. *wink*"

I wish that things weren't that way, and that females can get a head not because they give it. The ones that do make it hard for the ladies like myself who are insulted when someone looks past their talent and sees them as just another chick to screw. Fellas, come on. At least let us RECORD something THEN talk about you and I. lol.

One thing that Karrine said that I agree with is that, "You can only sleep your way to the bottom." While a select few have made it pretty far, understand that if sex got you there, the moment someone new comes along who offers the same thing, you're gone. I don't know if that message will come across in this movie, but from what I know, Karrine Stephans a.k.a. SuperHead learned that the hard way.