Shanelle's Christmas Wish List by Shanelle Gabriel

Every year I do a birthday wish list and a Christmas wish list. While on most occassions, I end up buying them for myself, I always think what people want tells you a little about who they are. So here I am! Santa, I swear I've been a good girl! lol

1. RUNNING GEAR- As some of you know, I've been REALLY into running as my choice method of exercise. I'm even running in the NYC Half Marathon in March with Team Life Without Lupus in support of the S.L.E. Foundation. However, I realized quickly that serious running requires more than just some sweats and kicks. So some great gifts would be compression clothing (which holds in warmth but wicks away sweat), warm athletic gloves (the ones that allow me to use a touch-screen device), and running socks with extra cushioning around the toes and heels which keep feet warm and dry. See...A lot goes into this. 


2. iPHONE 4S or DROID RAZR for VZW- I still haven't decided between the two (although my iPod has been acting up as of late.) I'm not a techie, I just want a new phone that works well and can do cool stuff. So if someone offers me either of these phones, I'm sure I'll just be happy with it. lol


3. STARBUCKS GIFT CARD- I call Starbucks my "office." It's where I get work done, use the free wi-fi, have quick meetings, not to mention enjoy a tall soy chai tea latte or soy caramel machiatto (extra caramel). A gift card to offset this regular $5 expense would be much appreciated.

4. STUDIO TIME- Any help with getting my album done is greatly appreciated. Sessions can run me anywhere from $120 and up so contributions are dope. :)


5. A Nice Luxurious Queen-Size Bed Comforter Set: Lord knows how much I love my bed, so anything to add to its plushness and warmth would be much loved and appreciated. I love earth-tones (pale greens, chocolate browns, etc). :)

My Birthday Wish List by Shanelle Gabriel

I doubt I'll get half this stuff, but in a perfect world, for my birthday this year (June 27th), I'd open my eyes and see this:

1) The KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera so I can keep up on my blogging and my posts.

2) A certificate for 3 months of guitar lessons. I have the guitar, just need a few lessons to get it down.

3) Tickets to No Doubt's concert on June 26th. My most favoritest band ever is performing at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ!

4) Cash money always works and I'm not talking about Lil Wayne & dem. :) They can be in envelopes that say: "Studio Time" or "Logo" (cause I need one) "Promotional Stuff" or "Travel Expenses." Shoot, a gas gift card works!


5) A packed house at my birthday party/performance at Negril Village July 8th, 2009 Come out to my free show at 70 West 3rd Street between LaGuardia and Thompson. Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm. You get to hear some of my new music/poetry with my live band and have some cake. Afterwards, we party the night away to the sounds of a great DJ!