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My Diary...The Public Transportation Diaries by Shanelle Gabriel

I need a lil extra dose of Jesus on some occasions...and it seems lately, public transportation has caused me to need a gospel prescription. (This blog is completely random, I warn you, but then again, aren't blogs for venting?)
These are the PT (Public Transportation) Diaries:

I love my 2 train, but I ended up on the A headed to tape for the upcoming movie review site I'm working on ( I get on the PACKED train at 34th street, but I have a decent space near me. We New Yorkers appreciate our personal space, so I'll assume the woman that gets on the train at the next stop isn't from around here. The train pulls out the station and she immediately falls on me. I suggest to her that maybe, just maybe, it would be smart to hold on to the pole. She takes my advice but is so engrossed in her conversation with another lady and a gentleman that she keeps bumping me. I try to move over and take several calming deep breaths.

Praise God, I get a seat. Then I almost say a cuss word as someone next to me gets up freeing a seat...and a half. I see the woman and her rather large friend move towards the seat (and a half). They sit next to me, forcing me to buddy up with the lady on my right. Praise God, the two people on my right get up. I tell myself someone up there loves me, only to see the man rush me to slide down so he can sit next to his sistahs. Another man claims the seat since I didn't move as quick at the Brotha needed me to. The man who got the seat decided the brotha wanted it waaaay more than he did, so he gets up. So as I begin to slide down, the brotha starts to push my leg saying "Okay, move ova, move ova..." I'm sorry, Lord, but I couldn't take it anymore.

"Excuse me. You do NOT need to push me. I am moving down. Thank you!"

He mumbled to his people "Boy, people are so angry nowadays."

I wonder why? Somehow, my iPod which was on shuffle lands on Commissioned's version of "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus." Just what I needed as I got off at Nostrand Avenue.

(I can't stand the train)