My Dope Photoshoot by Shanelle Gabriel

I was on Facebook one random night when I got a message from a friend of a friend named Abasi. He asks if I model. I say yes, but I don't do it often. He asks if we could possibly do a shoot together since he's a photographer. Looking at the outdated photo on my business cards and my website, I check his other work out, and I agree. I get to the point. "Set it up, tell me when and where, and I'll make myself available." Surprisingly he gets back to me a few days later. Through our contacts, we put together a team, and a photoshoot was born. We set the scene at Stir Lounge in NYC. Abasi brings in Jolene Phillips to assist him with photography and lighting. I phoned my friend Dennine Dyer to be my stylist, and she brings her friend Martin as an assistant. My make-up artist was Tracy Pairis. Praise God, she was a hair stylist. (My regular hairdresser chose this week to come down with the flu, sigh.) While playing my iPod's Hotness playlist (which includes "All That I Can Say" by Mary J, "Be Ok" by Chrisette Michelle, "Exposed" by Wayna, "As" by Stevie, and many more), we put together three different looks. I love being doted on and fussed over.

A few of the items used in accentuating my beauty...


Tracy doing my make-up. She's niiiice with it!


Finally dressed, with the help of Dennine. Just putting the finishing touches on the first look.

We did two more looks before we wrapped up for the day. "What did you say?" Distracted for a sec. Loving the make-up!

Here's a quick video blog. (Notice the fly eye shadow). :)

Check back next time for the photos! :)

Stay Blessed