NaPoWriMo: 4/7/10- "Easter Resurrection" (R.I.P. Michael Muchiaki & Nia Haqq) by Shanelle Gabriel

The eastern star frowned
Irony covers the moon you two moved under
Not yet joined together
Man put your union asunder
Their hunger unfilled
They decided to your life was worth the taking
Anti-theft on the car
So your existance had to do
This another tale
Of wedding bells
A death untimely
Smiles of your memory
Accompanied by tears till eyes are empty
You are now a Pharoah to be ressurected
Your Queen next to you
Handsome groom
The blushing bride
Blood stained cheeks
Deserving more than a Honda for a tomb
In this season
Amidst this Earthly celebration of Michael's revival
Heaven cries
This is the day our Michael died
Jesus was raised in 3 days
Three people took two away
Two who will never become one
On this first day of the Sun
Wearing Sunday's best
We celebrate Christ's life
While mourning Michael and Nia's death
Chasing away hate
Arguing with breath
Fighting to find the purpose of losing Nia
Visualize her candied smile
Thinking "Who is like Michael?"
His laugh fills the room
As my whys place my God on trial
He answers
I hear him
My friends
They tell me
The dead don't wish us to die with them
But wish us to do the best
With the new day that they were not given
Remind us this world is temporary
What's several decades to an eternity in Heaven?
He spent years counting seven
Now they are two more jewels in God's crown
Praying one day I'll see you both again
Arrayed in white robes
No longer a tux or wedding gown.


R.I.P. Michael Muchiaki and Nia Haqq

The two were killed in a botched car jacking in Jersey City, NJ while parking their car after getting back from their engagement party on Easter Morning. While I met Nia once or twice, I considered Mike a friend of mine. He was my fraternity brother from the Iota Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc (a frequent joke between us cause I'm from the Iota Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc). Nia with her beautiful smile & outgoing nature and Mike, a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor & sincerity, will both be deeply missed. I pray for justice and peace for the family and friends of these two children of God.