5 Reasons Why Saint Anselm College is Fly! by Shanelle Gabriel

1) Princeton Review ranks them #16 for Best Campus Food. I tried the Buffalo Chicken Calzone aka "The Buff Nasty" and the Super Dog (a hot dog sandwich with peppers and cheese.) Look at this sundae... 

Freakin awesome.

2) You can drink with monks in the pub. The monastery on campus is home to monks who aren't afraid to watch the Super Bowl and have a few beers with the students.

3) The building in the center of the college used to BE the college. Alumni Hall was once the only building that made up Saint Anselm College. A lot has been added since then. 

4) Saint Anselm College has been the host for the New Hampshire primaries. Imagine, Obama and McCain campaigned there...kewl!

5) Secret Bonfires. Every Thursday night in the middle of the woods they have a bonfire in a random location. 

5 Reasons Why The University of Scranton (PA) is FLY: by Shanelle Gabriel

1. There's a campus-wide policy to hold the door for others. I mean EVERYONE, guys & girls all do it. It's quite refreshing not to have someone slam a door in your face.

2. The college has it's own Snuggie with their logo on it!!! It's called a Scratuggie

3. Their Psychology department is awesome. They tried really hard to talk me into getting my Master's here. (Sorry, I need an international airport nearby.

4. The Holiday Inn I stayed is a rennovated Train Station.

5. They have a STARBUCKS and a CHIK-FIL-A in their student center. Need I say more?