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PT Diaries...Entry #3: What Time is It? by Shanelle Gabriel

I need a lil extra dose of Jesus on some occasions...and it seems lately, public transportation has caused me to need a gospel prescription. (This blog is completely random, I warn you, but then again, aren't blogs for venting?)

These are the PT (Public Transportation) Diaries:

It's the middle of the day, the only time the 4 train has a chance to be empty. I take my pick of the plethora of seats in this car. This luxury rarely happens so I take my time, then settle on a bench across from a couple talking. Engrossed in finishing this poem that is due in an hour, it takes a few minutes for me to look up and examine my fellow passengers sitting across from me.

While her cleavage very much drew the attention of all who passed by (whether male or female, straight or gay), the thing that caught my eye was her large, patent-leather square purse...that had a clock in it.

I pride myself on being excellent at description, but I knew no one would fully grasp the pure comedy in the bag alone. And I didn't talk Verizon into giving me the Blackberry Curve with a camera for no reason...

I am the queen of cracking myself up...but what makes a personal joke even more funny is when someone points it out for you.

A panhandler boards the train after a few stops. He begins lamenting his situation:

"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. I'm sorry to bother you all today but I am homeless. If you have any..."

He trails off when he sees the lady. He tries to continue.

"If you have, she really has a clock on her bag. Yo, that's some Flava Flav ish." He laughs aloud.

"Sorry, if you have any spare change...yo, my sista has the right time on it, too. That's wild." He lets out a hearty laugh as if he'd forgotten the heavy burden of hunger and homelessness for just one moment. He continues his speal, never quite recovering from that encounter, but leaving me with my hands rubbing my cheeks- I was holding my laughter in that much. I was even tempted to ask her where she got the purse from, but I didn't. One, it would've come across as sarcasm (which it would've been), and two, she's a sizable chick who just didn't look friendly.

That purse would've been a great Christmas gift for SOMEONE that I know and love...any takers? Mahogany? Kiki? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?