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My Trip To Atlanta (Highlights) - PART ONE by Shanelle Gabriel

Hey y'all! I'm fittin' ta give y'all the highlights of my recent trip to tha A!!!! Atlanta, GA. It included shows, a conference, and hanging with my lovely sister Michelle, my mom, grandma, and my grand father. Here are the highlights.


I got to meet my grandfather for the first time. He came down from Canada to visit all of us. He's one smooooooth dude.

My mom and Grandfather (he loves his shades)


Man, my mom can cook!


Finally saw Madea Goes to Jail. Why were Keisha Knight Pullam's teeth so straight and pearly white? It really bothered me that she can look all dirty and busted as a prostitute but still be fit for an Orbitz gum commercial.

While at the theater, I discussed my legal situation (which I promise to blog this week) with a cop that was on duty. I realized how much anger I am holding toward the justice system.


I showcased at the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) National Conference. I did extremely well, and got a lot of great potential college bookings for 2009 on. (Looking to be added to the list? Hit me up at

A gentleman from the military who's stationed in Korea walked up to the booth I was at, opened my hand, and gave me a heavy, bronze medallion stating that it was for the positive message I'm sharing through my work. I almost cried.


While attempting to park near a diner downtown, a random crackhead ran full speed from across the street, jumped behind my car, and whether I wanted him to or not, proceeded to direct me into the parking space. Between ticks and twitches his long arms would motion 'back up' and 'stop.'

I got out of the car, and amidst his babbling to himself, he walks up to me with a shriveled up flower he must have picked from the front of someone's house. I refuse to take it, stating, "No thank you. It doesn't match my outfit." (People that are "off" make me nervous.) He then asked for some money (for his thorough help with parking and the flower offer). I didn't have cash on me. He got mad and walked away. People keep saying, "That coulda been an angel." Well that angel should get an Oscar for playing a crackhead so well.


I went to Old School Saturdays, a party that happens once a month, where the DJ plays nothing but the best in Hip Hop/R&B from 1980-2000. (Still bugging out because Lil' Kim is old school. That felt like it was yesterday!)

Me and my lovely sister

After we left, I was joking around singing "Stanky Leg" all loud; I looked out the car window and saw a man in a wheelchair with one leg. I felt bad cause he couldn't do the dance too.

[Look for Part 2 tomorrow]