The Battle Against Ethnic Studies: Tucson, Arizona's Mexican-American Studies on The Daily Show by Shanelle Gabriel

As the battle against speaking on race in America continues, here we see an interview on Jon Stewart about April's ban on Mexican American Studies ("Because it fosters hatred for the White man"). This is not a spoof. This is a real interview with a member of the School Board. THIS IS WHO DETERMINES WHAT YOUR KIDS LEARN!!! Very Sad....
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"Haiti is not our long-term responsibility. Detroit is." Article by David Gewirtz by Shanelle Gabriel

This article by David Gewirtz raised some excellent points... I do believe we need to help Haiti, but we also cannot neglect our own soil which throughout the last few years as we have been "spreading democracy" has been growing worn. I always wonder when disaster strikes, when the war on terror breaks out, how money seems to pop out of nowhere. Hmm...anyways, read on.
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