Freewrite: 3 minutes / by Shanelle Gabriel

I ain't got time or coin to spend on the negative/ God gon' bless me/ I don't think you heretics/ wanna be here for this/ not letting moments become mountains/ I got rivers of blessings/ you treating me like a fountain/ how I look stressing/ how I look being depressed/ when the people bothering me/ have so much less/ they mad cause I’m not/ they brag bout what they ain’t got/ I’m silent with my flyness/ dem a have ta scream and shout/ me nah paying dem attention/ the fee is too high/ they only see ceilings/ while I kiss the sky/ criticism I can take/ but the hate I can toss/ everyone gon' hate/ nickname Chris/ Rockin with Christ/ I’m gonna floss/ I be showing him off/ like He hung off my chain instead of a Cross/ Think my day getting messed up/ Your misery won't be my boss/ I got all the flavor/ yep/ that’s too much sauce/ you frown so much I think your smile got lost/ you should go somewhere and find it/ Only giving 3 minutes of my day/ yes I timed it/ After that, your position in my life gets reassignment/ my chakras are in alignment/ but you tryin to eff it up/ bringing stress to my life/ you get one swift kick to ya butt/ I said 3 minutes but I think that’s too much/ this is two hundred thirty five seconds/  ...thirty six...thirty seven/ yep that’s enough.