Ekphrastic Poem: No Wifi / by Shanelle Gabriel

We're in a bar with no bars

And I just,

I want to hold your hand...

Both hands

I want to gossip in politically incorrect ways

I want to hear you shower me with praise

Then Crack concrete jokes

Old school banter

Yo momma jokes we used to play

I want to buss yo ass in thumb wars

I want to laugh like it bubbled all the way up from my toes to tongue

I want to hear jokes that make someone

Nearby feel comfortable enough to join in the fun

I want our food to come on time

And no time between plate lay on table

We inhale it like it could give eternal life

I want us to tell secrets

Live in the screens of each other's minds

To speak text

My face no longer replaced by emoji

I want simple things

No wires crossed

No mixed signals

I want body language all mine

Nothing missing or lost

In translation or context

I want to fumble words

Only for you to find them

I want imperfect terms

That I can't erase before they're heard

I want to hear you misspeak

No spellcheck to correct your speech

Humanity can exist without a signal

I want to go back to messages without a lower case 'i'

Let's 'conversate' like BIG back in '95