My experience helping Lupus Research : The Lift Study / by Shanelle Gabriel

A few weeks ago, I posted on my website about a study I'm participating in for people with Lupus (like me!) It's called the LIFT study. DxTerity, a company developing genomic tests to better manage autoimmune diseases, is looking for Lupies to help them create an at-home blood test people living with lupus can use to monitor their disease activity. Imagine a genetic way to determine and track Lupus activity?? Less doctor visits, days off from work, and all of that. I'm in. If you have lupus and you want to learn more and to see if you qualify to help contribute to this groundbreaking research? Visit


Here's my experience:
So I received my kit in the mail. The box was cute; one of my co-workers asked if I got a fancy gift from someone special. I said "No, still single. It's actually a medical test." That conversation ended right there. lol.

I waited until I got home to open my present from LIFT.  It included all that I needed to send my blood to the fab doctors who can't wait to check out my blood: alcohol prep, tube & its cover, two finger prickers, very detailed instructions, and a cute little band-aid. I turned my nightstand into a mini-lab.

It's been a while since I've had to purposely stick myself with anything (hello, blood thinners), so I definitely played a game of chicken with the finger pricker. Finally, I just took a deep breath and pressed it to my finger. I barely even felt it when it pricked me, and I squeezed a few drops into the little container. A few drops filled it to where it needed to be and the cover snapped it closed. The label was already on the box, so I just dropped it in, and BOOM! I was done. It took all of 5 minute, including the minute of me acting like a scaredy cat with the pricker. I loved the fact that I didn't have to go to a clinic like with trials I'd been a part of before. I just answered a few health surveys online and dropped the kit in the mail and I was done.

Lupus feels like the overlooked illness when it comes to research. I'm excited to be a part of something that could shed a light on disease activity, especially when so many doctors are scratching their head. So yea, all participants may get $75 for being a part of this, but what's most important is that we need more knowledge of what the genetic aspect of a lupus flare looks like. And I don't mind playing a game of chicken with the fingerstick in the comfort of my home if it can help me in the long run.

So once again, if you’ve been diagnosed with lupus, you can join lupus patients nationwide who are contributing to this groundbreaking research to help researchers develop an at-home blood test to monitor Lupus flares and activity. For more information about the study and to see if you qualify, please visit: