NaPoWriMo Day 9: Black Don't Crack / by Shanelle Gabriel

They say black doesn't crack/ and we reference black beauty/ brown skin/ the melanin that holds fast to the legacy within/ whether naija or Brooklyn/ whether from the soul of the Congo or the streets of Chicago/  we're not as different as we seem/ the same painter but varied color schemes/ the same history/ They say that black doesn't crack/ but our hearts can break/ ventricles fight to pump fire from heaven/ push and shove blood through a body constantly being attacked/ seen as less than the rest of humanity/ They say that black don't crack/ but something chips at the soul/ when you see your people dying before they have the chance to get old/When isms and phobias are okayed by legislation/ discrimination a part of public policy/ they called it mutant registration on X-men/ what happens when science fiction becomes real/ this is not an appeal just to hearts/ but the thinking needs to change/ art can do but so much/ we all have to approach this fight unafraid/ We gotta be butterflies y'all/ but with caterpillar ways/ flap our wings always shine but never forget the ground from which we came/ take the hard world around us and turn it into silk/ push back/ throw down and wrestle justice away from White supremacy's grip/ Black don't crack/ even after pushing back from the 80s when the government made addiction a criminal act/ Black don't crack cause we got no choice but to stay whole on this path/ we seal our stories no sides to be picked/ whether we got here by plane or via ship/ whether dropped off at islands during the trip/ whether hands were bloodied with liquid, solid gold or sugar cane strips/ whether cotton or coffee/ we lived to see this/ we breathed to be this/ We fought to be this/ unified by clenched fists/ unified by clenched fists/ unified by clenched fists/ black don't crack/ Let them know we were born to be this/ we were born fly like this/ we don't crack so yes we woke up like this/ yes we woke up like this/ we rock our crowns like this/ and we're united like this/ dragging a painful past/ Black don't crack/ cause from the depths of our soul/ we were build to last.