Poem: For My Ladies (National Women's Day) / by Shanelle Gabriel

Shout out to the ladies/ who aren't afraid to take themselves out/ treat themselves nice/ look at the menu and tell themselves "Baby, get whatever you like."/ Women who don't fear the single life/ whose world doesn't revolve around finding ways to become someone's wife/ who can go to an event with no eligible bachelors in sight/ and still have a good time/ This is for the ladies who don't mind/ that myofacial trigger point foam roll life/ self-massage might be all you got/ but you can hit/ every/ spot/ Who run a bubble bath just because/ who rub themselves down with scented oil cause they love how it smells/ who wear lingerie under sweats and a tee/ not cause they think someone's going to see/ this is for ladies who don't wait to see a movie/ aren't afraid to go dolo/ sip a glass of wine solo/ who can see an ex with their new chick and still say hello/ cause you know he's trifling and eventually she'll get the memo/ or really and truly you two were never really compatible/ Shoutout to the ladies who watch what they eat some days and on other days throw down on a combo/ treat themselves to dessert/ who's dating life may be drier than an Arizona desert/ but know their worth/ refuse to be subdued/ used/ won't tolerate verbal or physical abuse/ shoutout to the women who constantly make moves/  who vow never be Stella cause you can't nobody take your groove/ Women who keep their head and hold fast to their truth/ who dress to impress themselves/ not to get attention from these dudes/ Shoutout to the women whose display of confidence gets mistaken for having attitude/ who when they set the record straight are told they're being rude/ who won't take no for an answer/ and whose mere presence removes the oxygen from the room/ to the women who put our fires and blow bubbles amidst tornadoes/ love yourself for the amazing things you do/ date yourself cause you deserve to be treated like you're special/ not just when you have a boo/ never apologize for your singleness/ learn how to appreciate the power in solitude/ and if someone asks you why you aren't married yet/ and try to assume something is wrong with you/ if you decide against karate-chopping them in the throat/ let them know it ain't easy finding someone who can wine and dine you/ who can truly love you the way that you do.