Check out my new project: Da Compound Movement / by Shanelle Gabriel

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Does the word "fit" make you think of rail-thin women jogging in yoga pants? Or men with all muscles (and no neck) downing protein shakes? Let  Da Compound Movement reframe your ideas around fitness while sharing some laughs with cool people. Created by Shanelle Gabriel (Personal Trainer, Poet, Singer), this movement explores multiple health & lifestyle topics through social media, events, as well as an upcoming podcast that will feature entertaining guests & medical experts, light-hearted but engaging discussions, shared research, and so much more.

In the fitness world, a compound movement is defined as "an exercise that works multiple joints at once for maximal muscle recruitment, high nervous system activation, and a stimulus for growth."

Likewise, the mission of Da Compound Movement is to encourage others to maximize their quality of life, activate their own health journey, and stimulate growth in the number of people who are working to battle the rise of preventable illnesses, especially for people of color.