NaPoMo Day 8: Kinda Type of Love / by Shanelle Gabriel

This ain't your light kinda love
Your "like" kinda love
Or "I'm not sure" kinda love
This ain't your past midnight kinda love
Hold me tight only when we're outta sight kinda love
Ain't treating me right kinda love
This ain't your just want to hit kinda love
Only intimate when we're intimate kinda love
Don't want a relationship kinda love
Until you meet the next chick kinda love
You can miss me with the bullshit
Cause this ain't an a billion excuses kinda love
This ain't that useless kinda love
"If you love me then do this to prove it" kinda love
This ain't no I don't want complain kinda love
"We're taking it slow" game kinda love
8 months and none of his boys know your name kinda love
This ain't no loneliness prevention kinda love
Getting hit up by the baby mama you forgot to mention kinda love
This ain't no just do it kinda love
Don't confuse repeat visits with commitment like its love
Don't confuse repeat visits with commitment like its love
Don't confuse repeat visits with commitment like its love
This ain't no misleading kinda love
You only call when it's cuffing season kinda love
Text me when my new pic on Instagram gives you a reason kinda love
This ain't no can't talk to you when I'm sober kinda love
Hit me when your period is over kinda love
You still looking for the one and I'm her placeholder kinda love
This ain't no "I'm not in love with you, I just got love for you" kinda love
Too scared of the past to be present for you kinda love
Dealing with Momma and daddies issues kinda love
Do I stay do I go can't choose kinda love
Too many people walking around confused about love

This love is that real
That real deal kinda love
Whoever's home first cooks the meal kinda love
And clean my plate even though your chicken is hard like steel kinda love
This is that granny panty kinda love
You like me even when you can't stand me kinda love
Got inside jokes with members of your family type love
I'm family type love
Anniversaries we sometimes forget type love
But can't remember life before we met type love
Building empires together so we both could be set type love
Power couple Bey and Jay, Michelle and Barack type love
Sharing hate for Sallie Mae dealing with that Student loan debt type love
This that text me when you get home type love
Giggling like teenagers like I'm not grown type love
Might get pissed but you know to check your tone type love
No comparisons, my mistakes are my own type love
Been two years and in each other's eyes we still stare type love
I get the tweezers, pluck your ingrown hairs type love
This that rub my back even though you're half asleep type love
Not afraid to take the next leap type love
Put a ring on it to make the commitment complete type love
This that rock type love
That smooth pebble type love
We skip together over rough seas never settle for less than love type love
This ain't kinda love
This is that love
This is the only type of love