NaPoMo Day 7: For NS / by Shanelle Gabriel

I shone today
A broken blue bottle
Turned into a stained
Glass window
People walked around me as I sparkled
Worked so hard
That sweat glistened off my sweat
And they all noticed
Bore witness to my shimmer shine
The same folk told me my personality
Was too big
That my problem is
I don't sit and smile nice
That my problem is
They're the only ones who can say
What a bright child looks like
I don't know how to dull myself
Never realizing
It takes smarts to be a smart ass
Intelligence to always have a comeback
And I laugh
Cause too many did so at my dreams
So I beat them to the punch
But tonight
I let them know what's up
I shone today
You shoulda seen jaws hit concrete
The shocked look on each face
Like they never knew
My tongue could make a prism
My arms could break sunshine
My smile could bend light
These shards of me
Could be more than shattered trash
I'm not a mirror
Or a window
But they're still purpose
For this broken blue glass