NaPoMo Day 4: Gentrification / by Shanelle Gabriel

I must be / losttttt/ no no no its gentrified

I don't know where I am/ walking round like damn/ this ain't my hood/ I grew up in Flatbush/ eating beef patties and cherry klans/ but Now they call it ocean hill/ was a place folk in red got killed/ now it's a place a Sista can't afford to live/ unless she stacking bills/ and got a lil paper/ affordable housing can't do me no favors/ cause you gotta make a penny to pay rent for a G/ spread love it's the Brooklyn Way but not to me/ White folk starting to get off at later stops on the 3/ and I can't knock them for trying to live comfortably/ but the more landlords rent to Jim and Susie/ the less likely they'll sign a lease for me and Tariq/ putting Whole Foods every where now like back then no one needed to eat healthy/ nice things ain't in the hood unless the hood is conquered by the wealthy/ feeling like my home has been stolen from me/ they turning crack houses to condos/ triple the apartment fees/ foreign folk don't know they living in the graves of dope fiends and broken dreams/ interior designers/ must've had a tough job erasing poverty with paint primer/ they had to call ghostbusters because of money green like slimer/ the spirits of those lost in the hood/ should haunt you and your loan cosigner/ Developers said 5 Pointz was an eyesore/ South Paw made too much noise/ so now one is an empty lot/ the other holds play dates and kids toys/ downtown BK ain't the same/ new high rises every day/ who in the got damn world can afford to live there anyway?/ but they try to say we're to blame/ for giving away our property/ to the Jew man a knocking giving millions in cash for deeds/ meanwhile a bank won't refinance/ and you're behind on your payment/ roofs got a leak/ squatters rights have cats not paying rent/ seems like this guy is heaven sent/ 1.5 million in your pocket/ and your problems will end/ hard to break the system of gentrification when it won't even bend/ white dollars mean more than brown ones/ what message does it send?