NPoM (Day 2) / by Shanelle Gabriel

I shake my locs
Along with any thought
Of the weight of these beings
In my care
I don't care
Where true justice is
Just that I am judge
I don't destroy lives
And dreams
Because I am principal.
I do it
For mere principle
No mistakes under my watch
No humanity is to be found
Only robots
Parents who never show
Still have remote control
Over the fate
of those beneath me
I wield the sword that can destroy
Careers and hope for all children
Eliminate the essence of educators
With pure hearts and intentions
In their wake
Be fine with desolate hallways
abandoned families
Ignore the desires of many
For the loud suggestions of a few
Cause to me
true leaders pull threads
without considering
The fabric they undo
I have something to prove
I make the hard decisions
My arms strong from throwing rocks
At colleagues
Then hide in my glass house
Jagged jaw
Tongue sharp
When I know I can
draw blood from the weak
Dull when real wars
need to be fought
I pick my battles based on ease
Not need
Short term squinting
Refuse to see how easily
I can break an already broken thing
Into unrecognizable
An absurd clutter of stockpiled
Shards of potential
I am fine destroying the body
As long as
I am the head