NaPoMo: Day 13: Struggling to Pray / by Shanelle Gabriel

I struggle to pray sometimes
Except to bless food
Every plate I remember to be thankful
But some days my plate seems too full
Too much to bare
Or too little
Not much to share
I struggle to pray sometimes
Except for the youth I know
I may feel stagnant at times
But my goal is for them to grow
Recognize the same sun that burns them
Feeds their leaves strengthens their branches
The mistakes are okay
God gives second, third fourth fifth chances
I struggle to pray sometimes
Except when I'm in danger
Walking through the darkness
He always sends a friend in the guise of a stranger
I can't count the uncountable number of times
I felt so afraid
Barely a moment would pass
And the terrifying situation would fade
Im ashamed to say
Sometimes I struggle to pray
But He keeps on blessing me