NaPoMo Day 12: Who Dem / by Shanelle Gabriel

*Disclaimer! I was listening to "Who Dem" by Capleton when I wrote this*

Who dem a think they
Get away with murder
You whispering your sins
Best believe that God heard ya
Who dem a like to break gals heart
Dem build monuments of lies
Watch all a dem fall
Who dem a teach the youth foolishness
Pollute the radios
Dem no even make sense
Who dem de liars an hypocrites
Rappin bout pure bull shit
Immortalize dead man dem
Make Duppy man dem
Music talking all lies
Criminal records fiction
Dem a praise violence
Kids a kill cause a dem
Ignore de parents
Dem Rejecting wisdom
Nobody lead
Dey Just a follow dem friend
But when Babylon come
De friend dem flee from dem
Dey doing hard time
While they friend a live dey life
This is the cycle