Post-Election Thoughts: Our children / by Shanelle Gabriel

Through it all, our job as educators, parents, aunts and uncles, godparents, and community members is to teach our children resilience and determination. For too long, we've hidden the pain of racism from the sun in the smiles of our children, only to have them unequipped with for the challenges they will have to face as they go through life. Let this election be the beginning of re-education on the true state of America, one that with Jordan sneakers and Obama, people tried to hide. We scream Black Lives Matter not just because the police don't always understand it, but because the each branch of government has never fully accepted that we as a people are full human beings deserving of the opportunity our country claims to offer. We should teach them not to be surprised, to expect the setbacks so they can move forward. We have to continue to teach our children that they matter, how to handle situations when people want to destroy their dreams, and how to push through in a world that's set up for them to fail. #blm #blacklivesmatter #teach education #children #future #goals #strength #fortitude #ambition