Pimpin Disease / by Shanelle Gabriel

"Yo I'm about to make mad money off my disease."/ Said no one ever/ well except maybe you/ You think having lupus is something to do/ think you're doing me a favor hitting me up on IG./ Telling me you'll do lupus events with me...just for a nominal fee/ sweety/ I have the disease/ my body doesn't need your help/ And you tryin to cake off your health/ realize the only people getting money from these foundations are the foundations themselves/ I think about the reach of the project before I worry about pay./ Maybe because I'm more focused on the lives I'm trying to save/ you're trying to pimp your problem/ and maybe you have nothing better to do/ maybe lupus has limited the work you can do/ but talking money before collaboration sounds funny in my mind/ I talk about Lupus all the time while you seem to be chasing dollar signs/ I know you're just trying to live/ but I ain't about that life/ and you ain't Toni Braxton or Nick cannon/ the only Lupies it'd make sense to put a promotional dollar behind/ appreciate the effort but it's wasted breath/ no way to convince/ step your advocacy resume up/ cause paying you for Lupus/ won't and doesn't make any sense