"Perfection" A Poem / by Shanelle Gabriel

This world isn't perfect.
And neither are you.
Yet, I feel
My life's quest was to find you
My life's purpose can be found in you
My life has more meaning with you.
You're a part of the Legend of me,
The part that's always beautiful.
You are affection
That the wind can carry.
A temple
Where I find sanctuary,
A warm summer day
Amidst the chill of February.
A missionary to my lost soul
Your wisdom I try to hold
While all others to cling to brass
I can recognize pure gold.
So I come before you boldly,
The way God told me to always be
And I offer you,
Unscathed by the previous prejudices
Prevalent in my past.
I'm past all of that
Cause you found a way to my heart Without the use of a map.
Calculated my thoughts
Read the signs of past scribes
Following the stars in my eyes,
Using my smile as your guide.
And during your journey
There were so many nights I cried
Yet now I realize
My wet tears watered the lips
That would one day
Hydrate your thirsty spirit
With each kiss of mine.
I missed you before we'd even met.
You are simply divine
Your name sounds love,
Your name tastes like joy
Your name resounds like praise.
Your name got me saved.
By beholding you, I truly see
That God's spirit dwells with man.
And even though you really don't
How 5 minutes in your presence
Can last a lifetime,
Where the meeting ground
For two like-minded spirits could be found,
Or why it's taking so long for me to say this,
But know that if this world were perfect
We'd fit together
Lock and key,
Rainbow and sky,
Seashell and sea,
I'd be a complement your strength
Like a pearl in your core,
Surrender myself and so much more.
So with hands clasped and eyes closed,
Only the Lord knows
What the future has in store,
While this world searches for perfection,
I see His perfection reflected in you.
And honestly,
That's perfect enough for me