This is for my fellow Lupies.. / by Shanelle Gabriel

This goes out to my fellow #Lupies who know what it's like to constantly hear "You have what??? You look so good though." Who get out of bed even when it hurts to do so. Who hang out with friends because you miss them but secretly would rather be under a comforter with a heating pad and 2 ibuprofen. Who want to party every weekend but know it'll take a day to recover. Who know what it's like to feel perfectly fine then have the dr tell you your blood work came back with crazy off numbers. Who try to hide their anger at "healthy" people who treat their "healthy" body like crap. Who hate pity but love consideration & concern. This is for my Lupies who feel like crap put on make-up and/or rock heels like nobody's business, who've traveled more and cared more about the world than they did pre-diagnosis, who love life, who live life with love and fervor, who know they're one flare away from a hospital bed but still dance, sing, and smile. This is for those who have #Lupus but don't let it HAVE them. We make Lupus look easy... Because we refuse to suffer with it. We refuse to let Lupus harden our hearts. We overcome.