My Christmas Wish List / by Shanelle Gabriel

I do these for my birthday and for Christmas, although I pretty much end up buying these items on my own... or it ends up on the next list. lol. I do it for fun and maybe to put you on to some cool things.



Wouldn't my booty look GREAT in these??? 



For those of you that don't know, I'm an active runner training for my second half marathon right now. Yes, I run in the winter. No, I'm not crazy. After the 1st mile I'm usually pretty warm, but my legs tho! I  need some windproof tights to motivate me to run in the 20 degree weather NYC likes to drop to.  Size Medium please. 





2) iTunes Gift Card (Any value over $10)

I'm so in love with my iPad mini and, as always, TEAM IPHONE! A gift card so I can get some cool apps and music would be swell. Anything less than $10 isn't gonna do much... You know Apple isn't cheap.


3) Garmin 620                                                      or its less expensive cousin the Garmin 220                                    

I work at a specialty running store, and I've been drooling at these through the electronics window. My training for these two half marathons I'm doing next year would be soooooo much more effective if I had one of these with a heart rate monitor. The 620 is touchscreen and has a few more features (VO2 Max calculator, Wi-Fi capabilities, etc), but the second one is close behind in dopeness. 620 = $400 while the 220= $250

3)  iPad Mini Case with Bluetooth Keyboard
Speaking of my iPad mini, a keyboard would help me get more work done without having to hunt down my stylus. 

4) A Cozy Comforter
I don't get to see my bed enough... but when I do, I want the type of comforter set that makes me never want to leave it. 
5) Anything you think I'd like
I'm super easy to shop for. Keep it simple...I'm just happy to be thought of. :)