Random: "How to Survive Obamacare" book in stores now. Lol / by Shanelle Gabriel

Saw this book in a store in Washington, DC this morning. Really?? You'd swear the bill is the first step to the New World Order that will usher in the zombie apocalypse. I really need Washington to figure out why pretty much every other developed nation has universal health care, and folk here think it'll cause the United States to detach from the earth and float away.

Of all the reasons to shut down an entire government (wars that weren't justified or thought out enough, rights of citizens, etc), they're shutting it down because universal healthcare is expensive??? We didn't have the money to fund 2 wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) but we figured it out. We were about to go to war with Syria, and we sure were gonna find the money for it. But the idea that everyone get equal access to healthcare is so atrocious that 800,000 federal workers have to go without pay because they disagree with Obamacare. Mind you, they're still getting their checks.

I need to move to my own island, grow own food, and start my own colony. Who's with me???