National Voter Registration Day!!! Register to vote here! / by Shanelle Gabriel

Today is National Voter Registration Day. So many people complain about the state of things but don't pay attention to who ends up in office making the policies. Not saying that every candidate is always completely honest and totally follows through with campaign promises, but I definitely want to make sure they at least agree with SOME of the ideas I have for our country and my city's future.

You can decide NOT to vote (which takes all of 10 minutes to do) and let someone who deliberately states they don't care about what happens to you or the people in your demographic

OR you can decide to vote so that the BETTER candidate gets in office and at least SOME of the policies they promise that you agree with can happen.


Not voting is like having a boyfriend or girlfriend who does something you don't like but you never say anything because you "don't think they'll change." You can't complain if you don't voice your opinion.

Your vote=Your voice! Combine that with grassroots and community movements = CHANGE!


Not sure how to register? You can do so by clicking the rectangle below!!