NaPoWrMo #4/30: What I Know Love to Be / by Shanelle Gabriel

Maybe he won't rub your feet

Maybe he just doesn't think they're attractive

Maybe when it comes to compliments he needs a bit of practice

Cause love is about more than just stars in pupils

Kisses that leave you speechless and breathless

Disney movies seem to neglect this

I watched a couple on the train

Argue with each other

Their point of view on two totally different planes

Then leave their seat

Re-enter the platform holding hands…

This is what I understand love to be

It's admiration through error

Caressing fatal flaws

Never forgetting to stay in awe

Of the other's smile

Weaving love into everything

Like string in a Cat's Paw

Love requires profession

Love knows that good intentions

Aren't enough to make the equation complete

A balance of patience, understanding,

Thinking outside of your own heart

Recognizing affection isn't always easily seen

Two people

Fighting to make the other person happy

This what I know love to be