NaPoWrMo #3/30: Charting for My Heart / by Shanelle Gabriel

My momma said never believe anything a man says when he's erect..

And that's probably all you were when you were around me

Couldn't stop telling me I was sexy

That I turned you on

Barely in rotation a week

Before I was in tune to your love song

Became your one hit wonder

To fade away 

Figured out your hook

You sung all the ballads I wanted to hear

Lip-syncing away all my fears

But something in me knew

You payola'd your way to my billboard

You shouldn't have been number one

That you'd peak and slowly fade 

But by the time my intuition kicked in

It was too late

I say

Never trust a man who says all women are crazy

Cause he's probably the one who made them that way

Pounced on women's insecurities

Their optimism makes them easy prey

Never call me the one that got away

Because you were the one to simply throw my single away

If he sings all the right songs

But only brags about why he should get play

Take an objective listen

And see what your spirit truly says