NPM #1/30: Eve's Sin / by Shanelle Gabriel

Eve only did what was in her nature to do
Loved her man enough to destroy the only world she knew
Just to make Adam a God at her side
Made to apologize for it
This is the history of love
It's unearthing your fears
Making courage fertile
Birthing a new spine
Being willing to commit any sin
Embody bad habits and a life of crime
Just to find favor in his eyes
Why was God surprised?
"Lets make a helpmeet"
To love Adam was the only reason she was alive
I can empathize
God shoulda known the love he added to plain clay
The rib he set in place
Would make it easy for Eve to trade Heaven
For the possibility of perfection with his creation
She'd be willing to risk losing his Grace
To give her mate the Divinity she already say in him
Risk losing everything to make him greater
You see
She knew the fruit could have killed her
Clicked the kill switch to end her infinity
Yet they paint her hands scarlet for being ready to be a martyr
That fruit could have opened his eyes to ways to love her better
Wish I could go back in time
So I can punch Adam in the freakin face
For refusing to realize she coulda kept the snake's secret
And been the only one to become wise
Could've used it to bring about his demise
Ruled the garden
Renamed all of creation
Made HIM be forced to stay at HER side
My pastor said it was Eve's fault for leaving his side
As if he complained
Or even noticed she walked away
My pastor said it was Eve's fault for not staying in her place
But I wonder God questioned Adam first instead of Eve that day
I wonder what wouldve happened had Adam asked for God's grace
Instead of passing the blame
Thrown the gift he was so willing to take
Back into his Givers face
It was all her mistake
Couldn't accept any part of his fate
Said "God, blame it on the chick YOU made"
Placed the weight of the world on the shoulders he once caressed
Pointed the finger at the being he named more a part of him
Swore to God she was creation's best
Gods first gift to man made manifest
Called foolish for overriding reason in the name of her passion
Silly for committing treason against God rather than the bone in her body
For giving her life
Trying to warm the soul of man who would turn cold at the sign of strife
I imagine Satan said the same thing about Christ
Eve, I empathize

Mankind, forgive us women for the intensity in which we love
Blame it on the rib in us
Which does nothing but surround our hearts with thoughts of you
Makes all other parts of us seem less special
Make giving up the world for your approval come natural
Consider us selfish for saving our best for the flesh of our flesh
Forgive us for believing sex is the way to make our hearts your home
For thinking sex is another way to obtain one more of your bones
For believing the lies told between our legs and between our eyes
For seeing the beauty in the snake of a man who's gift is to beguile
Mankind, forgive us for falling short because we loved long and true
Mankind, forgive us for not loving ourselves more than we love you
It's the Eve in us
Still thinking we need a fruit to be viewed as something special