Behind the scenes photos from my appearance on The Rachael Ray Show! / by Shanelle Gabriel

October 15th, 2012 marked the day I was featured in a segment on The Rachael Ray Daytime Show. It was an amazing experience being recognized for my work as an artist & mentor at Urban Word NYC (a free program for young people that promotes literacy and social justice through poetry & Hip-Hop: as well as watching Rachael Ray's team transform Urban Word into an amazing, updated and rennovated office/space. It looks GORGEOUS!

I have to thank Listerine and Wal-mart for spotlighting me in their "Your Mouth Matters" Campaign because it's how Rachael found out about me and the amazing organization I work with. I also have to thank Katherine, Kristina, and Nykemah for being on the show with me and for being such great examples of maturity, sincerity, and growth within Urban Word and as artists themselves. Here are the photos!


Nykemah being interviewed at Urban Word prior to the taping

Kristina getting hair & make-up done. #GlamSquad

Nykemah about to get her hair did. #GlamSquad

Katherine seemed to get along very well with her MUA. I eavesdropped on their convo. :) #GlamSquad

This may have been one of the best MUAs I've had. She had me looking FLAWLESS (Oh thats the shirt I changed from.) #GlamSquadChilling in the green room with Monica (producer)

Posing outside after the taping. Don't we look fab?!Sooo wishing we could have taken photos in the audience but since we were mic'd up, our phones had to be off. Hoping we can get a copy of the pic the producers took with Tyra and Rachael.

Thanks for watching and for the love!