My Birthday Wishlist! (Mark June 27th off on your calendar!) / by Shanelle Gabriel

It's that special time again! In 10 days, I'll be celebrating my Golden Birthday... I'll be turning 27 years old on the 27th of June! Just in case you lovely people have NO CLUE what to get me, as always, here's my birthday wishlist. 

✓✓✓ (Thanks, Daddy) 1. Sega Genesis (in new or near new condition):
The Cancerean is known for her nostalgia, and this is DEFINITELY a throwback. A Genesis is the only gaming system I've ever owned. Call me old-fashioned for being perfectly content with an arrow pad and 3 buttons to work with, but I would rather my old 24-bit Genesis to the complexity of any other game system. Besides, I recently got ahold of the Sega game "Michael Jackson MoonWalker" and I'd LOVE to be able to play it.


2. Piano and/or Guitar Lessons:
I think guitar lessons were on my list 3 birthdays ago, after I first got my guitar (which presently serves as a decorative piece in my bedroom). I think it's time for me to get on it. But lessons in either instrument would greatly help me as an artist.

3. Tickets to Jill Scott's Summer Block Party Tour:
Just the samples of her new album have blown me away. Seeing her live is always inspiring, and this new album sounds AMAZING!

4. Studio Time:
Chris Belmont aka Rock from
Jah Rockin' Productions would be glad to help you help me get this 2nd album done. *smile* (347)-240-4881

5. Bella Cucina Cupcake Maker:
I love food...End of story. But I really love making things to eat with my own hands. This machine would make it easier, and hey, whoever bought it for me would benefit from it as well. 

6. A Copy of "A Belle In Brooklyn: The Go-To Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life" by Demetria L. Lucas:
I love her blogs & articles in Essence, I've met her briefly, and I believe in supporting the great work my sisters do. That being said, I want this book!

7. Services for "Bobby Drake":
My Toyota Corolla named Bobby Drake always welcomes gifts from friends, whether they're gift certificates for Oil Changes and Engine Flushes or a full detail. Bobby's engine will purr with gratitude. 

8. A Bedazzled Microphone:
Nothing says, "I'm a star" like a mic covered in sparkles. I have the mic, I have a friend that does it, just haven't gotten around to paying her to do it. $300 is a bit of change.

Sidenote: I honestly don't usually get anything from my wishlist for my birthday, but I really get enjoyment from thinking and writing about the things I want. I'll probably just get them myself later on in the summer. lol.