5 Reasons Why Ripon College is Fly: / by Shanelle Gabriel

1) Harrison Ford flunked out of Ripon College. He refuses to acknowledge he ever went here but school records hold the truth.

2) There is a cemetery in the CENTER of the campus. Like right in the middle.

Two famous squirrels go here:

3) Stubbs, the squirrel without a tail who's been around for years...unless he's breeding more tail-less squirrels

4) Rip The Squirrel, who has THE CUTEST holiday song!

5) Speaking of Christmas, The President of the College reads a pop-up book in the Great Hall with his dog for all the students at the annual Holiday Event. Students come in their pajamas to hear him read and show the pictures. AND, the President goes around from door to door in the dorms giving out holiday cookies.