New Poem: More / by Shanelle Gabriel

My heart hurts for you
Since yours is too numb to feel anymore
As I watch him steal your joy
Both in his presence and when he's gone
I thought u were stronger than that
I see you for who you could be
A single mom
No, a mother who knows daughters tend to follow maternal example
A mother who neglects her desire for comfort zone men
Guys who sit on shelves like teddy bears
For no other reason than they've always been there 
Even though they've long been outgrown
I saw you as a mother who'd spend many a lonely night
Just to show her child what sacrifice was like
Show her that a no good man, 
Is no good, man.
Just because he makes you weak in the knees
Doesn't mean you can't take a stand
I don't understand what you see in him
Or maybe it's what you don't see in yourself
What makes you believe that u don't deserve happiness
You're more beautiful than your situation
You're a snowflake on a summer rose
Rare, delicate, but fading fast
Clinging to something that wasn't meant to last
Your child may be perfect with both your DNA
But you two will always clash
The man laughs at your dreams
Takes pride in your pain
But you stay with him so he continues to do it again and again
Cause for him,
Rejecting you keeps you at bay
And no matter what you say
You're addicted to insults
And used to taking in strays
I pray you see the err of your ways
And that in the novel of you
This will be a ripped-out page
Not to be told retold/ or ever replayed
I wish I could make you hate him like I do
He's laid up with other chicks
Don't you taste her lip gloss on his lips?
He's got your soul in a choke hold
Stop questioning what you did for him to treat you this way
Question what the heck made you stay
And throw so many years of your life away
Pulling tears from your eyes
While Donnell Jones cries in the background
You're too good for that
Too fly to go back
So from this day on vow to move forward
Cause this is worst than a blow to your face
He's given your soul a smack
Left permanent imprints on the color of your eyes
Torn apart the love letter you gave him between your thighs
Nothing you say can change him
Cause leopards don't change their spots
Why would they want to
When it's gotten them thru life all these years
My sister, use a mirror to count your tears, 
Each one from a different fear
Be sick of the way they taste on your lips
Vow never to let someone making you cry a habit
Know that true love stories are still non-fiction
It will find you once you let the fictional love leave you
My prediction
Is that someone will see you
Someone will see YOU
And appreciate you 
Your sincerity, 
Your resilience is beautiful
The features you hate on yourself are perfection
Madame Recarnier
You don't see your own masterpiece
I pray that you'll see that when he leaves 
He won't take away pieces of you
But he'll leave a certain peace within you
You'll see that in overcoming him
You'll find the power that I know you have within

Copyright © 2011 Shanelle Gabriel 

Please do not reprint or repost without my permission