You're awesome...I'll see you soon [PA, MA, SC, NC + Updates] / by Shanelle Gabriel


Happy fall! Welcome back to school. I'm glad to get back on my fall grind. Shoutout to University of Memphis for opening my Fall college tour. The next few months are going to be INSANE between traveling, hitting the studio, and making major moves. Keep on visiting for the newness.


"Did you win the Kia Competition?"

That's a question I'm constantly asked. The last email I sent out begged you to vote for me for this cool youtube video competition that Kia was sponsoring. Sadly, I didn't win. However, it was still a blessing because while it exposed new people to my work, it also showed me how much love and support I have from you my fans...I mean, my FRIENDS. I was almost misty eyed at the way you all came through and voted. Thank you so much. It meant so much to me.


Upcoming Shows

You can see me this coming week:

* September 20 - University of Scranton in Pennsylvania @ 7pm
    Moskovitz Theater in the DeNaples Center (Free)

* September 21 - University of Massachusettes at Dartmouth @ 7pm
   Main Auditorium (Free)

* September 22 - University of South Carolina at Upstate @ 6pm
   Jazzman’s Café in the Smith Building (Free)

* September 23 - University of North Carolina at Charlotte @ 7pm
   Student Union Norms (Free)

More shows and details are listed below or at

Hope to see you there. (Delaware, Pembroke NC, and Virginia: I'll see you guys in October.)


Brooklyn, NY- Fall Poetry Workshops

I'll be hosting a series of poetry workshops on Mondays this Fall at the awesome Ingersol Community Center (177 Myrtle Ave just off Flatbush Extension, Brooklyn, NY 11201). From 5-6pm is open to middle schoolers, then 6-7:30pm is open to teens and adults. Yes, they're free; just walk in and sign up.

Also, if you have kids and want a cool after-school program for them, I greatly recommend this place! They offer classes in visual, art, beat-making, cooking, and more. Once again, it's free! Just walk-in and sign up.


Thanks for reading. As always, if looking to book me at your school, church, or event, email me at

Follow me on twitter at

Stay Blessed,

Shanelle Gabriel