National Poetry Writing Month aka "NaPoWriMo": 4/5/10- "Risky Business" / by Shanelle Gabriel

It's amazing how a man
Could gamble with a bad hand
Continue to invest
In market shares that earns him less
Than what he put in
Ready to give
Friends second chances
Scraped knees in sports
No bandages
Cause pain is progress
Being strong is what being a man is
Willing to live up to what the demand is
Patient when working toward goals
Approaching the his dreams bold
When reason and rational resound "No"
He continues to go for gold
Platinum dreaming
Diamond seeking
Perfection aiming
Daily proclaiming
"I can face any crusade unscathed"

When it comes to relationships...

He's afraid

Orbiting around love but never landing
Fighting to xscape the sadness
When all he needs is understanding
Needs to comprehend
He's not the first to feel like he's lost his self-worth
To watch his investments in people crash
Like Don Chedle
Needs to learn to love like needles
Endure the sting for the healing and wholeness it can bring
Pain from the past doesn't have to lead to present hurt
Faced with opportunities for growth
But one broken relationship led to crushed hopes
Now prefers a car note over love notes
Yet warranties don't guarantee infallible parts
Would bet it all on a Queen of hearts
But refuses to give his new Queen a Kings heart
He would rather keep his distance
Then invest in this risky business
When truly...
Love is high risk but high reward
It's one of the few things in this world worth fighting for
No matter the stakes
Don't let someone else's mistakes
Affect the way you choose to speculate.