The 2010 NYC Regional Sprite Step-Show / by Shanelle Gabriel

I was blessed to attend the SPRITE STEPOFF in New York City on Jan 30th at Roseland Ballroom. (Thanks for the tix, Liz!) Greeks and non-Greeks gathered on a line around the corner for this sold out event. The show featured performances by Wale and Ludacris. I'm not a huge Wale fan but he did a pretty decent performance. It's always hard to keep the crowd hyped when you're a new artist. The opening DJ was awesome. His blends and mixes had all the little kids near us dancing and crumping (later on I joined in their little dance circle.)

Me and my Soror Kali (

It was a great night to be a lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (SKEE-WEE) since we WON FIRST PLACE! Here's a snippet of the Alpha Chapter @ Howard University's winning step routine.

They were arguably the most intense sorority step team. I will say, the AKA ladies could have done without the diss to the other sororities though (the person who taped this left it out), which included a line on stepping on "kitties" with their pumps. No one else went there, but either way, their creativity (the insanity theme and the "There's an app for that" commercial), their ability to step and do flips in a business suit, heels, and pearls, and their great tribute to the fraternities of the Divine 9 (Iotas, Sigmas, Ques, Kappas, and the Alphas) made them the obvious winners for the night.

Before I tell you about my favorite fraternity step team, I forgot to mention the McDonald's DJ Battle, which was more like a "Who's iPod is Better" contest. The DJs set their turntables up on larger than life MickeyDee's sandwich boxes. They took turns playing hit songs to see who could get the crowd the hypest. This was nothing like a DJ battle. They just played songs, no scratching, no blending. I could've done that. Maybe next year I'll be DJ Nelle?

Watching this made me hungry

Now....the No Mercy Step Team a.k.a the Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc's Rutger University Chapter were amazing! I believe had they not gone on last and had the judges not already scored the Kappas so high, they would have been the first place winners. They blended difficult steps, held complex poses for what seemed like minutes, and threw a lil Kompa in tha mix! Honestly they SHOULD HAVE came in first instead of second place to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc from Temple University. That being said, check out a clip from their performance!


Ludacris closed the show, performing some of my favorite songs, especially his verse from "I'm So Hood Remix." (I swore I was the most gangsta AKA in the building singing along with him. lol.) Ludacris knows he's a vet as seen by how he left the audience singing various lines from "Move," "What's Your Fantasy," and other past bangers. Definitely a great end to a great night!

One cute tidbit: a woman approached me and my Sorors saying, "Are you ladies AKAs? Well, my daughter here said she wants to go to college and become one. She's too shy to ask you, but can you take a picture with her?" Her daughter was a pretty little girl around 13 years old. We loved it! While posing for the picture, we stood around her with our pinkies up (the 'unofficial' AKA hand sign), and she put hers up too. My Soror caught it and said, "No, no. Not yet," as she lovingly put her pinkie down. lol. I whispered to her, "You made a great choice, but make sure school comes first! Get good grades!" She smiled and nodded. How cute!

I rarely get to attend Greek events, but when I do, I always have a blast!

Repping Iota Rho! SKEE WEE!