5 Reasons Why University of West Florida is Fly: / by Shanelle Gabriel

1) You can't call their dorms "dorms." They're "Residence Halls." The whole campus features apartment-style residence halls that would make any New Yorker jealous. Call it a dorm, and the students will flip on you.

2) The campus was built on a nature preserve. The college can't build buildings higher than a certain height, for fear that the animals will feel like they're out of their habitat.

3) There are no classes on Fridays. That is unless you're in the sciences. Then you MIGHT have lab.

4) Forgotten bikes are recycled. The college has a 'Yellow Bike System.' They take abandoned bikes, paint them yellow, and leave them around campus for students to pick up and use. (Apparently the foreign exchange students like to use them to ride to the mall). Only issue is, they're some times hard to find. People take pleasure in hiding the bikes from potential riders.

5) The animals aren't afraid of people. Maybe they know it's THEIR wildlife preserve, but the raccoons, alligators, birds, and other creatures on campus take their time getting around without fear.