5 Reasons Why SUNY IT is Fly: / by Shanelle Gabriel

 1) They have a resident skunk on campus. He's affectionately named Frank. You can recognize him by his all white back.

2) You can veg out during Frag Fest. It's a 3-day, non-stop video game tournament. I know folk have swollen thumbs after that.

3) SUNY IT are the proud owners of a Panda at the Utica Zoo. 

4) The University Campus Police actually have real guns. Ooooh! They're like state troopers.

5) They celebrate the joys of nerd-dom during Geek Week. It's a series of 'geeky' events that almost every club present such as bug eating contests, Dungeons & Dragons competitions, racing roaches, and other cool stuff that you won't admit you like.