5 Reasons Why University of Pittsburg at Bradford is Fly: / by Shanelle Gabriel

1) AHHH I'm a monster!!!! There an annual game called Humans vs Zombies.It's kind of a game of tag where three upper classmen start out as zombies. When they tag humans, the humans become zombies. Humans have nerf guns & shoot 'zombies' from anywhere…even from trees.


2) Every year, the school freshmen get to go to the White House and sing the alma mater to the President.

3) There's a creepy rock in the shape of Ben Franklin's face that marks the center of the University Room.

4) Before it was a college, it was an airport. The first piper cub airplane was built here.

5) "The World is a Scary Place." Around Halloween, each club on campus does educational workshops on scary REAL things. Ex. Student Government Association did a lecture on mind control, the Education Club did a presentation on literacy rates, and the Dance Team danced in halloween costumes.